A Velv8 Story


VELV8 is the fruit of Kristina’s passion for helping moms in their battle with tangled tresses, thirsty skins, and post-partum beauty challenges.

Kristina’s journey into cometic entrepreneurship began the moment she became a mom of multiracial children. A former United States champion in Ballroom Dance, Kristina grew determined to face the challenges her children’s hair and skin presented with the same dedication that led to her win of the U.S. national title.

A mom by day and entrepreneur by night, Kristina wanted to combine the power of natural plant extracts with the latest dermatological advancements. She dreamed of formulating clean and effective products for her babies’ delicate skin and hair that were luxurious and safe to use.

Four years and countless sleepless nights went into researching and developing shampoos, conditioners, serums, and hair-loss treatments of the highest quality.

A firm believer that a good show is created by an all-star cast and not by a single performer, Kristina curated the most exotic ingredients for each formula. Loyal to her uncompromising attention to detail she personally designed all packaging to represent the vitality, history, and diversity of her own family.


  • VELV8 products are generously sized and meant to suit the needs of a full house
  • VELV8 formulas are produced, filled, and packaged all in the United States of America
  • VELV8 products surpass the highest industry standards for purity and quality  
  • VELV8 is 100% cruelty-free and non-toxic

Velv8 is my little way of helping moms. I truly hope you and your family will enjoy using Velv8 products as much as I loved creating them”

  to Yours in Beauty & Health, 

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