Why Should you Trust us, Anyways?

products of Velv8

The QUALITY CONTROL PRACTICES for our skincare products of Velv8 are of impeccable standards.

We use a PATENT HOLDING, AWARD-WINNING LAB, which is a true pioneer in the use of vitamin therapy, anti-oxidants, and natural ingredients. Our manufacturer has been at the cutting edge of skin-care for more than two decades and engages in pharmaceutical research, development, testing, manufacturing, and distribution.


Below are some of our standards & best practices:

1.) All product runs are manufactured and overseen by degreed chemists

2.) In-house R&D

3.) In-house quality control

4.) All batches are microbiology tested

5.) All production equipment used are available for “complete breakdown” for washable & sanitizing

6.) 3rd party microbiology testing

7.) GMP standards

8.) Certificate Of Analysis requirement on all purchase of raw materials

9.) Incorporates HPLC, and IR to qualify and fingerprint

10.) Validates for consistency

We are committed to bringing you only the best, in the most transparent way. We have published our Master Safety Data Sheet for your perusal. Now, you can not only feel great using our products of Velv8, but you can also trust them.


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